Friday, July 29, 2011


Preliminary Flight Order Day Four

Here are the results of preliminary day 4.

Preliminary Day 4 is over and we now have the list of the 30 pilots entering the semi-final.
Today the weather was very good, temperature again in the high 90's, and the wind variable from quite no wind condition to strong gusts from west in the late morning.
Site number 4 was already very busy with pilots practicing for the F program.

We saw some very good flights on both sites number 1 and number 3 during this competition day. Ivan Kristensen showed up in the morning then  we had some friends arriving from Orlando in the afternoon just before the flight of Christophe PLR. It was the opportunity to shoot some pics of this nice group I'm flying with in RCACF.
Around 6.10 pm we had the results after TBL of the four days of preliminary flights and at  6.30 pm there was a TM meeting to determine the flight order for the semi-final.
Tomorrow will be a practice day before the semi and the final sunday and monday.