Wednesday, July 12, 2017


The 2017 AEROBATIC BORDEAUX CUP was organized on July 7th 8th and 9th in a private property close to BORDEAUX, FRANCE, in MAUVESIN BARTON CASTLE.
36 competitors from 12 countries were registered.
On Friday, the calibration flight started at 7.10 am, followed by two P17 rounds. On Saturday morning, due to night thunderstorms the flights were delayed and just another P17 round was flown. The two best normalized scores counting to determine the ranking, the twenty first pilots flew on Sunday a single F17 round, after two calibration flights. One F 17 round was cancelled due to a late start of the competition (low ceiling).
Ten judges were in attendance:
BLEAS Nicolas                        FRA
BOYER Yvon                          FRA
CARBALLA MUNIZ Gloria         SP
FERNANDEZ Emanuel             P
GALLEY Roland                      SUI
LEAUTE DANIEL                     FRA
LESHED Amram                     ISR
PINEIRO Paco                        SP
SOUTHON Laurent                 FRA
UHLIG Peter                          GER

FIight 1  Judges  Panel A       Flight 2  Judges  Panel B      Flight 3 and 4   Judges  Panel A and B

The Notaumatic was used, TBL score tabulation system was applied on each round.
This competition very well organised and professionally executed in a fair and friendly atmosphere was a great event for all the participants.
Special thanks to our hosts, Mme Lilian BARTON-SARTORIUS and M. Michel SARTORIUS, the FAI Judges, Damien SARTORIUS CD, Roland POITEVIN, Jacques BURBAUD, Jacques VEYRINE and Georges ENCOGNERE for their hard job during these three days.