Monday, May 29, 2017


The 25th International Criterium of Hainaut was organized by the A.A.S.H in Grandrieu, Belgium on May 27th and 28th
43 competitors from 16 countries were registered.
The weather conditions were good, sky clear, with high temperatures in the 30°C, the 90° south crosswind on Saturday, decreasing on Sunday.
On Saturday the calibration flight started at 7.10 am followed by two P17 non-stop rounds. On Sunday morning, starting at 7.30 am, another P17 round was flown with the two best normalised scores counting to determine the ranking. The first five pilots flew a F17 round after a calibration flight.
Ten judges were in attendance:

JUDGES PANEL A                                        JUDGES PANEL B

M.  UHLIG P.           GER                     M.  ALTENKIRCH D.       GER
M.  DOUCY M.         BEL                      M.  GOEDE Ton             NED
M.  VAN LOON H.    NED                     M.  GALLEY R.               SUI
M.  BOYER Y.          FRA                     M.  CARAYON A             FRA
M.  MARQUET Ph.    BEL                     M.  CASTERMANS JY      BEL 

FIight 1         Judges  Panel A              
Flight 2         Judges  Panel B
Flight 3 & 4   Judges  Panel A & B

The Notaumatic was used, TBL score tabulation system was applied on each round.
On Friday afternoon, some additional infos, instructions and practice were given by Jacques VEYRINE in charge of the Notaumatic to the Judges.

This competition very well organised and professionally executed in a fair and friendly atmosphere was a great event for all the participants    
Special thanks to all the A.A.S.H. Club Members, the FAI judges, Gérard WERION CD, Yves VAN GOMPEL and Jacques VEYRINE for their hard job during these two days.
CIAM Subcommittee F3 Radio Control Aerobatics was represented by :
Peter UHLIG, SC Chairman, Henny VAN LOON  SC F3M Working Group Coordinator and Jean Paul DELTEIL Subcommittee Member 


Jean Paul DELTEIL SC Member, Peter UHLIG, SC Chairman, Henny VAN LOON  SC F3M WGC